Long Angle Lathe FileLong Angle Lathe File

Long Angle Lathe File

Long Angle Lathe file is used for filing of metal or wood while working on the lathe machine. Lathe filing is a technique used for shaping, finishing and polishing cylindrical objects which requires more precision and finer cutting. The basic shape is gained by using a wood-turning chisel, but for further finishing a specific tool is required, therefore the long angle lathe files, are designed for use in this process. A long angle lathe file is blunt, and rectangular in cross section. It is having single cut on both faces and safe on both edges, which prevents accidental damage to raised sections of the work piece during filing. The long angle of the teeth allows filing without snagging and also causes chips to be cleared during the lathe filing process. The rotation of the work piece pushes chips back along the teeth with less chance of pinning. File’s teeth are tilted more towards the handle of the file, therefore each individual tooth is longer and provides free cutting and rapid filing. This Long Angle Lathe file can be used for bench filing of brass, bronze and aluminium.
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