Screw Driver SetsScrew Driver Sets

Screw Driver Sets

Screw Drivers are used for tightening or loosening the screws. JKSD screw drivers are manufactured as per IS: 844-1979. These are having high grade C.A. / PVC handles and blades of high quality steel. These screwdrivers comes in sets of 5 pcs and 8 pcs in durable plastic cases. The 8 pcs set comprises of three flat tip blades of 6x0.9mm, 5x0.7mm &3x0.5mm, three phillips blades of no. 2,1&0, one square poker, Extension blade and handle. The 5 pcs set comprises of two flat tip blades of 6x0.9mm &3x0.5mm, two phillips blades of no. 2&1, one square poker and handle. The Handles provided in both the sets are having neon bulb so one can use it as a tester too.
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